Proper Ferret Food and Nutrition Tips

Like most other pets, what you feed your pet ferret will determine how healthy it is. Unfortunately, ferrets are not the most popular pet, and finding a good quality ferret food is not easily done everywhere. This can be overcome though by feeding your ferret more natural foods.Ferrets thrive on a diet that is high on fat and protein. This means that your ferret can eat mice, rabbits or even raw meat such as chicken, pork, and beef. They also will eat fruits and vegetables, however, avoid fruits which are high in sugar content. Acceptable fruits and vegetables would include grapes, bananas, lettuce, and carrots. You can experiment with different ones as no two ferrets have the same tastes just like other animals or even humans.

You do have to be very careful of what you should never feed your ferret, as they can actually be very detrimental to your ferrets health or even be fatal. Foods that are bad for your ferret include cereals and peanut butter, milk, nuts, breads, ice cream, soda, and never feed your ferret coffee or chocolate.

But overall, make sure your ferret gets a variety of different types of food to cover all of their nutritional needs. It is very possible to find quality pet foods in larger pet stores or online, and if not, kitten food is acceptable if you find one high in fat and protein. One that contains 32% protein, a minimum of 18% fat and a maximum of 3% fiber will be great and is suitable to a ferret’s metabolism.